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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Slovenian Citizens

The Slovenian Consulate General in Cleveland, like our other missions around the world, is committed to help Slovenian citizens to return home early – due to the pandemic.

We are delighted to have helped the successful return of 4 students from the United States and 6 Slovenian tourists from Panama, and we look forward to the happy return of 25 representatives of two Slovenian companies from Ohio and Michigan who are returning home this week!

In this regard, due to the rapid spread of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19), we urge all Slovenian citizens on temporary residence in the USA to decide as soon as possible whether they will return to Slovenia or they intend to stay in the USA for a long time.

Please note to check your insurance - if your insurance company covers the cost of medical treatment for corona virus infection and the possibilities of a visa or ESTA extension in the US in the event of termination of all air connections to Europe (and across Europe).

According to the latest available information, we recommend that you fly home via London, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris and Frankfurt, from where you can continue your journey to Zagreb. An alternative is to land in Munich or Vienna. Due to restrictions on entry, we do not recommend a flight to Zurich.

If you would have any difficulties with embarking on a flight via the transit countries in Europe, please send us an e-mail - requesting conformation on transit and return home.

We wish you a happy and safe journey home!